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Pay rises tipped for IT security and data analysis roles in 2017

Increase in high-profile data breaches and the need for data insight are seen as contributory factors in salary rises for IT security and data analytics staff...

ICO sets out plans to issue GDPR guidance

Information Commissionerís Office encourages business to review guidance on the General Data Protection Regulation as it is published to identify what areas need to be addressed in 2017...

NRF 2017: The key to success is not taking yourself too seriously, says Richard Branson

Serial entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson tells the audience at NRF 2017 to fail fast, pay it forward and to stop taking themselves so seriously ...

International Olympic Committee embarks on 12-year cloud partnership with Alibaba

Chinese cloud services provider Alibaba agrees to supply the Olympic Games organisers with cloud infrastructure and services until 2028...

IBM results show shift to AI and cloud business focus

IBMís Watson cognitive, artificial intelligence technology and its cloud strategy are overtaking core product areas in terms of revenue ...

DDoS protection provider alleged to be Mirai botnet creator

Investigative journalist Brian Krebs believes distributed denial of service mitigation firm owner is the author of malware designed to enable massive IoT botnet-enabled DDoS attacks...

SSP Worldwide blames engineers at London datacentre for new cloud outage

Insurance software provider says latest service outage was caused by power problems at third-party datacentre site...