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Security Think Tank: Cyber security must be recognised as a fundamental component of business

How can information security professionals help organisations to understand the cyber risks across increasingly digital businesses...

Security veteran urges firms to prioritise spear phishing defence

UK firms should prioritise defence against spear phishing as a key component of cyber attacks, according to security veteran Peter Wood...

AWS on bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence to the cloud masses

Amazon Web Services used Re:Invent 2016 to stake its claim as an early adopter of machine learning, while revealing details of its plans to boost the technologys take-up among everyday developers...

UK helps dismantle Avalanche global cyber network

The UKs National Crime Agency has contributed to the takedown of a cloud-based cyber crime network in a collaborative law enforcement operation involving 30 countries ...

The digital opportunity for CIOs

CIOs have a unique opportunity to lead the digital strategy in their organisations, but they have to move quickly to make sure they have the right skills and infrastructure in place...

Academics link payment card vulnerability to Tesco Bank cyber heist

UK academics uncover a vulnerability in online payment systems, which they say could have been used in the Tesco Bank cyber heist...

Businesses forget disability and accessibility when buying IT

Both customer and supply side IT organisations need to consider the needs of disabled people when embarking on new procurements, according to a recent study...