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Mobility is about to enter the post-app era, says Gartner

At an event in South Africa, Gartner analysts look ahead to an era of mobility that goes beyond apps...

Microsoft accuses public cloud rivals of overlooking enterprise

Software giant talks up its enterprise credentials and heritage, while taking a swipe at its public cloud competitors...

BoxWorks 2016: The fight for diversity should not always surround gender

Three CIOs and an executive from collaboration firm Box discuss the global search for diversity in tech, and how gender parity is not the only issue ...

Unprecedented hardware problem brings down Australian Stock Exchange

Financial regulator launches probe after hardware failure in main database led to problems for stock exchange market system...

Emirates Islamic bank and the Muslim finance revolution

The CIO at Dubai-based bank Emirates Islamic tells Computer Weekly about how IT is supporting the company through industry change...

Yahoo sued over data breach

Yahoo is facing a class action lawsuit that alleges that the internet firm showed a reckless disregard for the security of its users that resulted in a breach affecting half a billion accounts...

Salary survey shows IT managers command big bonuses

A Computer Weekly survey has shown the scale of remuneration package that IT managers can expect - with bonuses an increasingly important part...